Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bringin' The Happy

There is no excuse for me to be anything but cheerful from here on out. My blogs will be full of sunshine and merriment. This is my fresh clean slate. I need time to think - a blog sans whining about cancer. I've heard they are out there, but can I do it? Best I can do is try.

Think happy! Think happy! Think happy! Ok! My hair is growing back - more white than black now. They say when you go through a traumatic experience it will cause your hair to turn white. Why is that? I sort of think of my hair as alive, and perhaps when the cancer arrived my hair pigment decided it wanted no part of that mess and fled. Can't say that I blame it. I would have done the same thing. Also, the hot flashes have stopped. I haven't had a hot flash in 4 days straight. The mood swings are continuing just fine, thank you. Turns out that's nothing to do with menopause - that's just me.

This is just a preposting on the new blog. For anyone just tuning in and wants to follow my cancer story (you'll laugh, you'll cry ... blah blah blah).. go here: www.trustmeitsnothing.blogspot.com after that, come back here: www.excancergirlgonewild.blogspot.com (you'll laugh, you'll tell your friends, they'll be confused because they didn't go to the first blog first ... blah blah blah.)

I plan to post several times a week, so come back often.


  1. Welcome to Happy Blogging.
    I'm your #3 follower, but your #1 fan.
    It beats being your #2 any day.

  2. Have I told you I think you rock? Cause I do! I'm excited about your new blog. But can I be truthful? lol I'm not sure if I can handle constant happy, I mean come on is that normal? lol I'm thrilled to be a part of your life, if only by reading about it. Welcome back. (My hair seems to be growing in white too, I can't figure out why. The hot flashes have stopped but for some reason I am still moody. lol I wonder what could cause all this?)

  3. I am looking forward to following your new blog! Sounds great already!! My hair is growing back a different colour too, it is a funny dark colour and ..... get this...... it has blonde tips! How funny is that?!